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5 Reasons You Should Hire A Google AdWords Professional

Google AdWords Professional

Although it can be quite a useful advertising tool, Google Ads is more complex than many business owners may initially understand. Therefore, many companies struggle for months or even years before they manage to make their accounts optimally effective and that’s if they’re lucky! Some companies are never able to get their ad account to become effective on their own. Rather than playing PPC trial and error with a Google Ads campaign, here is a list of reasons you should hire a Google AdWords professional to run your Google Ads account.

The complexity of a Google Ad’s campaign

While it may seem as though you can simply sign up, begin running your Google ads account and get tons of new customers from pay-per-click ads, that is often not the case. This is due to the fact that properly setting up your account is more complex than it seems. To do so, you must do things such as:

  • Track phone calls.
  • Ensure your account is connected to Google Analytics.
  • Properly track conversions.
  • Bid on the right keywords.
  • Use the right ad structure.
  • Write compelling copy for the ads.
  • Target the right audience.

Adwords professional

Ads are ever-changing

Another reason you should hire a Google Ads specialist to run your Google Ads account is that ads are constantly changing. Not only are new competitors coming and going, but there is little to no stability. Just because your ad is in a great position one month, doesn’t mean it will stay that way the following month. Your ads can also fluctuate in position on the page. For example, they may be at the top of the page one day, at the bottom of the page the next, or on page two the following.

Payment isn’t enough

Additionally, being willing to pay is not enough in and of itself. Rather, a quality score, which is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages, and landing page experience, plays a major role in establishing your cost-per-click or CPC rate. Even if you are willing to pay top dollar, this will not necessarily help you rank first as Google may still deem another ad more relevant to the keyword. Therefore, other companies may pay less per click and still end up ranking higher than you.

Bidding strategies when managing Google Ads

Moreover, bidding strategies can vary depending on what your goals are. Rather than just one method of bidding, Google Ads offers a variety of bidding methods that vary depending on the type of campaign you are running. When managing Google ads there are variables such as the networks you are targeting and whether you wish to focus on conversions, impressions, or getting clicks or views, are what determine the type of bidding strategy you should be using. Either way, if you don’t pick the right digital marketing strategy, you will not see results.

Match type

Lastly, you must also be able to choose the right match type. Whether you’re looking for a broad, exact, modified broad, phrase, or exact match, if you choose the wrong type, you will be wasting time and money.


  • Google Ads can be a useful advertising tool for companies of all kinds.
  • Failing to hire an AdWords professional professional to run your account may result in a waste of time and resources.
  • This is because successfully using the platform is complex, and depends on the ability to master various aspects of the site.

Hire Google AdWord Experts at Ballantine!

If you are looking for help creating smart campaigns on your Ads account, our team of experts here at Ballantine is here to help. Rather than going it alone, taking the initiative to hire a Google Ads expert is one of the best ways to ensure that you are utilizing the platform effectively. Given that we have plenty of Google AdWords experts on our team with Google Ads certification, we are always ready and willing to help companies of all sizes to launch and maintain successful Google Ads campaigns. If you are in need of premium quality Google Ads marketing services, contact us today for a consultation from an AdWords professional and we will help you achieve Google Ads success.

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