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Have you Done Everything you Can to Grow your Email List?

Have you Done Everything you Can to Grow your Email List?

The business world moves a mile a minute. That’s why it’s never been more important to reach out to grab the attention of new customers and stay fresh in the minds of existing customers. Read on to find some best practices for maintaining and expanding your email list to help you stay connected to your customers.


Host a Webinar

A great way to grab the attention of a new audience is to offer a useful resource. Consider hosting a free webinar that users can access by signing up with their email address. You’ll be offering great information and growing your email list–it’s a win-win!


Throw a Contest

Who doesn’t love a contest? Come up with a creative, fun prize that will attract your audience and require email addresses to enter. People will not only be excited about the contest, but also that entering is so easy.



Sometimes the most effective way to get someone’s attention is to get in their face – literally. Remember to invite customers to signup for your email list at tradeshows, retail locations or during company events. You might even offer a free prize with every sign up, like a candy bar or a water bottle.


Remember to “Share”

Include “Share” buttons for current email subscribers so they can forward to others. Also, be sure to include a “Subscribe” button at the bottom of all emails to make it easy for new subscribers to navigate.


Tweet It

Take advantage of the power of social media and promote a free resource, contest or promotion on Twitter or Facebook that requires users to provide an email address.


Paperless Options

Try expanding your reach by focusing on customers that may not aware of your online presence. Include options on all direct mail and print marketing collateral for customers to opt to receive email communications instead of print communications. Clearly post a link for customers to follow to sign up and include some incentives for them to sign up (like choosing an eco-friendly option).


Link and Repeat

It may seem repetitive, but making sure links to email subscriptions are on every page of your website is important. Don’t make people search for the link. Make it as easy as possible to click and sign up.


Spread the Word

Awareness is key. To spread the word about email subscriptions, ask all team members in your company to include an email sign-up link in their email signature. It’s easy and is a good way to expand awareness to lots of new people.


Connecting with customers is crucial to growing a business. It keeps a company relevant and goes a long way when it comes to making sales. While there’s no magic trick to expanding your email list, the best approach is to use as many channels as possible to capture subscribers from every possible market.


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