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Google AdWords Best Practices: Top PPC Extensions For Your Business

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices

Google AdWords is one of the leading pay-per-click options for marketers, and has been throughout its history. The company is continually updating and improving on their advertising options. Their newer extensions programs, when used correctly, can help your business see tremendous marketing success. Scroll down to learn more about Google AdWords best practices!

Google Adwords PPC Extensions: How it Works

These Google AdWords extensions are tools that Google has created to help companies enhance their existing pay-per-click advertising. A company that has placed an AdWords ad is able to include additional information, along with the offer. The brief copy is enough to catch a user’s attention and entice them to click through for more information.

Extensions are the additional pieces of information that accompany an AdWords ad that is shown in the Google Display Network, which includes all of the Web pages and apps where AdWords ads can appear. For example, you might consider adding in new Website functionality, like online ordering, or take advantage of one of many different extension options in your advertising. Manual extensions require action on the part of the user — usually clicking through to call or download — and on your part as well, as you have several easy steps to follow to set up the extension. Automatic extensions, which give users more in-depth information, require little to no set-up on your part as an advertiser.

Some Top Google AdWords Extension Examples Include:

  • Sitelink extensions: Choosing a sitelink extension lets you include links to your customers’ four favorite Web pages, from hours and online ordering, to favorite, high-traffic product-specific pages or your blog. Reviewing your Web page’s analytics dashboard can tell you which pages your customers prefer; if they fit and make sense with your AdWords copy, these would be the best links to include.

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices

  • Location extensions: A location extension includes your business address, and is easily used on both mobile or tablets as well as desktop searches.

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices

  • Call extensions: Adding a call extension in AdWords is available globally, on mobile phones, tablets, and the desktop. It includes your phone number, and if you are on a mobile device, can also include a call button that allows customers to click-to-call.

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices

  • App extensions: Available on mobile devices and tablets, an app extension directs customers to your company’s app.

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices

  • Callout extensions: Callouts are shown in ads above and below the Google search results, and let you add more details about the business; features like free shipping, price matching, customer service hours, and specific services are ideal for callout extensions.

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices

  • Ratings extensions: You can choose from consumer or seller ratings, which will show what previous customers have said about your business or your online business ratings.

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices

Planning in Price Extensions

Price extensions are new ways you can showcase your company’s products and services. Released in June 2016, this is a mobile-only option that directs users right to your Web site; before you add a price extension, make sure that your Web site is optimized for mobile devices.

Ideally, a customer will see the list of programs and services you’ve added to your mobile text ad, and will click through to the corresponding page on your Web site.

AdWords Extensions: Google AdWords Best Practices


Why You Should be Using Google Adwords PPC Extensions

Both extensions options are easy-to-use features that give customers more information about your business while requiring very little investment on your part. Extensions make your products and services — and ideally, your business — stand out from the crowd. They provide an interactive way for your customers to connect.

You can control your budget.There is no fee to set up extensions and both AdWords and price extensions are charged on a cost-per-click basis. You only pay for your extension when someone interacts with your links or copy. Price extension costs equal the cost to click on the title or display URL from the ad. Advertisers are charged for no more than two clicks per impression. The same goes for AdWords extensions — advertisers should pay just enough per click to either exceed the rank of the next highest ad rank, or to cover the minimum ad rank needed to keep their position.

Google has included a detailed tracking and analytics dashboard that lets you see the highest-performing extensions and keywords by tracking the number of impressions and clicks, You’ll be able to work on improving your hierarchy and search results page position by monitoring and factoring in the extensions providing the greatest number of conversions.

AdWords Extensions: Best Practices and Tips for Success

The fundamentals are key in making the most of your PPC marketing budget. You’ll want to continue to use the most relevant keywords to improve your targeting and results.

  • Consider using more than one extension when setting up your campaigns to get better results.
  • Some extensions are only available in the Search Network, and others are available on the Display Network. If you want a wider reach, think about using an extension that will appear globally.
  • AdWords Extensions Monitoring: Continually check your performance on the AdWords extension tab, where you can see the history of your extension’s results.
  • Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.
  • Test, test, test. Running more than one extension at once allows you to see the best options for your AdWords extension.
  • Use a marketer with AdWords certification, who can work with you on developing your company’s AdWords extensions.

    Explore some of our past digital marketing work and connect with us today so that we can help you with Google ad extensions in 2019. We’ll strive to turn your campaign promotions around and achieve your desired results.

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