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Content Marketing on Steroids: How You Can Stay Ahead of the Pack

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content marketingBetween quality and quantity, many marketers will advocate either quality first or a steady combination of the two. While the significance of quantity is hard to deny, great rewards await for those who are willing to take the quality of their content to the utmost degree. But how do you know when enough is enough? Though aggressive content marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s important to understand a few of its fundamentals.

What is Content Marketing on Steroids? 

One of the most recent and compelling trends in internet marketing, colloquially referred to as content marketing on steroids, is a strategy in which high quality content is developed and then aggressively promoted through as many channels as is feasible for the selected media. The topic of this content must be a popular or trending issue within the niche to guarantee community interest, yet remaining novel enough to be attention-worthy.

By aggressively spreading high quality content on as many platforms as possible, this type of content marketing can result in tons of traffic and exposure for your company by using Google to the fullest.

While flooding Google with a sheer quantity of content used to be one path to expansion, the past few years have made it perfectly clear that Google wants to emphasize quality first—which is a good thing. Consequently, traffic from authoritative sources can have an immediate and powerful effect on your SEO and brand recognition as links directed to your own site from these sources are usually rewarded because Google loves links from domains with authority.

Leveling the Playing Field

No matter how hard you work, the quality of your content is unlikely to be of great significance if it’s only visible inside an echo chamber. Many bloggers long ago realized this and began to turn to one another for cross promotion, whether through guest blogging or shameless plugging. That makes sense; after all, taking an active part in a community between readership and content producers is one of the most important steps you can take to escape the relative isolation of a low or moderately sized readership.

Aggressive content marketing conveniently overcomes this hurdle because it compels you to seek out as many different platforms as you can to spread your content. While many high profile bloggers aren’t often inclined to give smaller producers the time of day, these sites are exactly the ones that you need to catapult yourself into overnight exposure. Moreover, because of their privileged positions as holders of a wide readership, lukewarm or mediocre content often isn’t enough to catch their attention.

This is exactly why aggressive content marketing has become such a popular trend. High quality content is as good as currency on the internet. If your content can get someone’s jaw to drop, it’s much easier to get that content on the front page of nearly every significant site within your niche. Since Google takes care to weigh the authority and reputation of sites in determining the value of the links found among them, these are exactly the platforms you need to reach if you hope to make significant gains from your content.

Location and Duration

Exactly where should you promote your content? Unfortunately, the answer to this question varies both by niche and what type of content you’ve developed, but the correct answer is everywhere—social media, online press releases, influential blogger outreach, etc. While Pinterest and Tumblr are better disposed to picture media and infographics, Facebook for articles, and YouTube for videos, the one mistake you cannot afford to make when doing this type of content marketing is to under promote your content by being too concerned with such boundaries. As a rule of thumb, you should spend as much time promoting your content as you did creating it—but don’t be timid about far exceeding that mark. After all, promotion is a critical step because it helps attract more eyeballs and spread the word about your content, and consequently, your company.

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