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Connecting with Customers with Content Strategy 2021

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When it comes to operating a business, digital marketing is one of the most useful tools for acquiring and maintaining customers. However, given recent changes in the business realm, many are struggling to find the best marketing tactics to drive a sales funnel

Content marketing — including blogs, social media posts, and videos —  is one of the most effective ways to build a trusting relationship with your customers and establish your business’s voice. When used properly, it can be a solid first step in attracting new team members and customers to your company. With that in mind, the following is a closer look at how to connect with customers using content strategy in 2021.

content strategy framework, best content marketing campaigns, 2021 content marketing tips, connect with your audience, target audience, sales funnel

Developing a Successful Content Strategy Framework

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the business world as we know it. Content marketing tips for 2021 may look different than in previous years. Customers are now more aware than ever of who and what they are supporting. They are also aware of the value they are receiving, and are much more likely to support companies that go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. 

Therefore, companies that wish to create loyal customers and boost sales should focus on creating content that helps them establish a connection with their followers. Start from their point of view, and work towards yours. A content strategy framework, whether it outlines a week, a month, or year, will allow you to brainstorm goals, tactics, and timelines for your content marketing strategy in advance.

Marketing with Emotions

In other words, companies and brands should be creating content that helps them connect with their customers on an emotional level. This realizes that each customer is a human being with unique needs and feelings. Rather than posting general content, you should be going above and beyond to get to the heart of your customers and understand their needs and motives. 

Here are a few strategies to use when thinking about using empathy in content marketing:

  • Put yourself in the target audience’s shoes. What would matter most to them in terms of your product or service? What concerns or questions do you most often answer?
  • Establish your brand voice. Are you a wise grandparent, a kind older sibling, or more of a best friend? Do you want to be buddy-buddy or high-level? Keep in mind your voice should stay authoritative and consistent throughout your content.
  • Engage in the community. You don’t have to comment on every little thing, but staying fresh with blogs, responding to social media comments, and creating consistent messaging will let consumers know to rely on your brand. Get a little fun with it if you can! That lets customers know there is a real heart to the business.

content strategy framework, best content marketing campaigns, 2021 content marketing tips, connect with your audience, target audience, sales funnel

Using Data

One way to develop content that connects with your customers is to collect and analyze data based on their engagement and shopping behaviors. For instance, since COVID-19 has made many people feel unsafe and stressed, analyzing the types of products they may be buying to relax. If you happen to run a guided meditation app, you may want to create content that offers tips for at home meditation as a remedy for stress and anxiety.

Another example for B2C clients would be curating gift guides during the holiday season, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. You should include some of your products and who they would make an ideal gift for, but also items from non-competitors so the information you are providing is not too promotion heavy. 

This way, your customers will feel more understood and more likely to turn to your website for information than those who only focus on promoting their products.

Plan Ahead

Another thing you can do to develop the best content marketing campaigns and connect with your audience is to plan ahead. This can be done by considering what future events will affect your customers and creating content that is in line with these events. This is yet another way to connect with your target audience on an emotional level. It is also important to not overdo it with planning ahead, as it is important to stay relevant with the content you are posting. We recommend no more than three months of content and campaign planning at a time. 

Key Takeaways

  • Developing content that engages your customers is an important part of creating a marketing strategy.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has made connecting with and engaging with your customers more important than ever.
  • To develop content that connects with your customers, you should plan ahead, use data, and make sure it appeals to your customers’ emotions.

Developing the proper content marketing methods takes a lot of time and energy, but it doesn’t have to be a weight on your shoulders. Ballantine’s team of professionals has helped thousands of businesses create cohesive content marketing strategies to aid their lead generation process. Contact us today for expert content marketing services!

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