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What Your Company is Missing Out on Without Marketing Automation

What Your Company is Missing Out on Without Marketing Automation

The majority of Fortune 500 Companies use marketing automation for good reason. It has been shown that marketing automation offers businesses remarkable ROI. B2B Marketing and Research reported that:

After a single year of using marketing automation, 32 percent of businesses saw an increase in revenue. The percentage increased to 40 after year two.

Can your business afford to lose out on potential conversions and revenue? Learn how marketing automation can support the success and growth of your business.


What is Marketing Automation?

Businesses need to be aware of the ways that marketing automation can support their business. Marketers and sales rely upon marketing automation to nurture leads, streamline marketing efforts, provide data on the behavior of prospects and more. Marketing automation has been defined as:

“The use of software to automate repetitive tasks related to marketing activities and connect different parts of the marketing funnel.”

Marketing automation systems often include:

  • Marketing databases and analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Lead management
  • Content generation

Marketing automation makes it easier for businesses to drive leads to conversions and keep leads engaged throughout the customer journey.

OMNI-Channel Marketing


Want to Improve Conversion Rates?

Do you keep reaching out without getting the return that you would like? Marketing automation offers users the necessary data to refine marketing efforts. A ROI report is generally one of the reports that users can create to show:

  • The impact of campaigns on sales
  • New leads and opportunities
  • Revenue attribution

When data is accurately entered into a CRM and with smooth integration between the CRM, your website and marketing automation platform, you will get the information needed to improve your marketing approach.


How to Keep the Ball Rolling

Conversations continue based upon triggers by a site visitor or subscriber. When an email is opened or a form is submitted, new content is delivered to nurture a lead. The content is based upon the needs of a lead at a given time and indicated by what a prospect does on a given website or selected channels of engagement. Behaviors can be tracked and automation frees up time for sales teams while giving marketers more insight on the type of content needed when a lead is close to making a final decision.


What about the Long Sales Cycle?

For clients that want to shorten a long sales cycle, lead scoring can help. This makes it easier to send only qualified leads close to purchasing on to the sales team. The sales team deals with prospects that have done their homework and require less coaxing toward conversion. Prior to this stage, leads receive several “touches” part of the automate delivery system providing useful content that leads them through the buyer’s journey.


How is Your Follow-up?

It takes time and effort to nurture every lead. Without automation, it becomes difficult for companies to nurture leads and there are cases where leads do not get the attention they need to become a customer. That means lost opportunities and less revenue for businesses without a system to follow-up with leads. Nurturing leads can help companies achieve increase conversions and more revenue. A nurtured lead often makes a more significant purchase. Annuitas Group found that:

When nurtured and non-nurtured leads were compared, nurtured leads made 47 percent larger purchases.

Automation can make it easier to engage and track the progress of every lead. Automation provides the tools for relevant content delivery based on customer behavior. The right message is ready at every stage.


Get the Support You Need to Grow

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