Elevator Equipment Provider Lowers Spam and Draws In Quality Traffic

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Titan Machine Corp


Elevator Parts Manufacturer 

SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Website Support


  • 42,694 organic search impressions
  • 3,577 total website traffic sessions
  • 64 leads from organic and paid search


About Titan Machine

Titan Machine is an industry-leading elevator and hoistway equipment and repair company, offering a combination of custom machining and repair services to the entire elevator industry. Whether it’s to repair, replace or create a new part, Titan Machine’s services are a perfect fit to resolve almost any elevator issue.

PPC Lead Generation SERVICES

We quickly identified that Titan Machine needed to improve its online visibility through the use of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Our immediate goal was to help Titan Machine remove the spam pages that the website was infected with, which was also artificially bloating their stats with irrelevant rankings and traffic. . 

Once this was cleaned up, we established the following elements for Titan Machine’s lead generation strategy:

Google Ads: Several Google Ad campaigns were created with the specific goal of bringing qualified traffic and new potential leads to the client’s website.

SEO: We primarily focused on link building to increase the domain authority of  the client’s website, focusing on a few key pages such as their coreservice pages.

Content Marketing: Ballantine optimized the content on four key product pages, and began creating several blogs to draw in new leads through content.

LinkedIn: We decided on a combination of organic posts and paid ads. Since the client is B2B, LinkedIn was established as the most relevant social media platform to draw in potential clients.

Email marketing: We are sending a monthly email newsletter to existing clients to nurture those relationships by sharing value-added content and information.

Importance of Digital Marketing RESULTS

In Q2 of 2021, the above efforts for Titan Machine resulted in:

    • 3,577 total website traffic sessions
    • 42,694 organic search impressions
    • 64 leads from organic and paid search

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