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Temperature Sensor Manufacturer Sees Improvements in Online Visibility




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Keyword rankings increased by 257%. 103% increase in Google organic traffic. Grew leads by 352% year over year. 

About Temp-Pro 

Temp-Pro, a temperature sensor manufacturer, sought to improve their online visibility and increase sales. Recognizing the importance of analytics and the role of organic traffic as a key lead source, Temp-Pro partnered with Ballantine to enhance its digital marketing efforts. 

This case study examines how Ballantine's expertise and strategies helped Temp-Pro achieve significant growth in website traffic and visibility. Read on to discover how Temp-Pro leveraged search engine marketing and content to achieve its goals with Ballantine's assistance.

PPC Lead Generation SERVICES

To achieve the desired results for Temp-Pro, Ballantine implemented the following strategies in its digital campaign:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Advertising 
  • Blog Content

Temp-Pro had an existing website but needed assistance in improving its online visibility and optimizing its digital marketing efforts. Recognizing the need for expertise and resources in this area, Temp-Pro sought the services of Ballantine to serve as its in-house digital marketing team. The primary objectives were to enhance website traffic, improve search engine rankings, and generate more leads.

Ballantine optimized Temp-Pro's website by conducting thorough keyword research, optimizing meta tags and descriptions, improving site structure and navigation, and enhancing overall content relevance. Creating and publishing informative and engaging blog posts helped establish Temp-Pro as an industry leader and attract organic traffic from search engines.This ensured better visibility in search engine results and improved organic rankings. Ballantine used targeted Google advertising campaigns to drive relevant traffic to Temp-Pro's website. They utilized pay-per-click (PPC) ads and remarketing techniques to reach potential customers actively searching for temperature sensors and related products.

Temp-Pro's Growth in Keyword Rankings

Importance of Digital Marketing RESULTS

Ballantine began working with Temp-Pro in June 2021. Since then, the company has experienced significant improvements in its online visibility and lead generation efforts. The results achieved include:

  • Improved Keyword Rankings: Temp-Pro's website currently ranks on the first page of search engine results for several relevant keywords. Notably, Temp-Pro holds a featured snippet position for the keywords “thermocouple reliability" and “aerospace temperature sensors." Additionally, they achieved a number one ranking for the keyword “Thermowell Catalog," which is crucial for their business.

Keyword rankings have more than tripled with an increase of +257% going from ranking for 187 keywords in June 2021 to 669 keywords in June 2023.

  • Increased Organic Traffic: Temp-Pro's website has seen a steady increase in organic traffic since partnering with Ballantine. The SEO efforts implemented by Ballantine have resulted in a notable boost in organic search rankings, leading to more targeted traffic from search engines. The growth in organic traffic has been especially strong in the last three months: year-over-year traffic has more than doubled at 103%.
  • Lead Generation: With improved website visibility and targeted traffic, Temp-Pro's lead generation efforts and conversions have significantly improved. Leads are up 352% and Temp-Pro’s conversion rates are up by 54% year over year. With Ballantine’s help, not only was Temp-Pro’s click rate up 23% from 2021, their cost per lead was reduced by 42.91% between January and December 2022.

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Ballantine helped Temp-Pro achieve remarkable results by enhancing their online visibility, increasing search engine rankings, and driving targeted organic traffic. Temp-Pro's website now ranks higher in search results, including holding a featured snippet and number one ranking for crucial keywords. The improved visibility and lead generation efforts have transformed Temp-Pro's website into a valuable sales asset.

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