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Ballantine Boosts ROS Electric’s Lead Generation with Google PPC Advertising

Electrical Contractor Digital Marketing Case Study


ROS Electric

Electrical Contracting


By developing new landing pages and running Google Ads, ROS Electric saw an average of 16 new leads monthly, with a peak of 58 leads.


ROS Electric offers a variety of services that include electrical contracting, fire safety, and telecommunication needs. With multiple areas of expertise in the electrical industry, they have proven to be a valuable asset for many of their customers, advancing a number of their needs through one contractor.



Our paid marketing strategy was to make Google Adwords a viable source of new business opportunities and increase high-quality leads. We created new content for customers which generated new website traffic. We worked closely with the client to develop new content, using their expertise in the industry to craft appealing and informative pages. New landing pages were also developed for the company so that the new leads could find more service and contact information.

Along with the client, we cultivated a negative keyword list and evaluated their marketing priorities of generating new leads from their website. We decided to focus on advertising two areas of their expertise: Fire, Security, Video and Access Control, and Electrical Contracting, with an emphasis on the former.


Until 2018, their online presence was lacking and competitors were making strides. Previous efforts by other agencies did not yield positive results. With Ballantine’s marketing for electrical contractors, they were able to make the necessary steps into the online market and expand its customer base substantially.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the best paid advertising options available in an advertising campaign. The PPC ads chosen by Ballantine were Google Ads. When customers in their target locations typed in Google searches similar to the services provided by ROS Electric, they would be met with paid ads sponsoring this company and the services in question. These Google Ads increased the span of the audience by boosting Ros Electric’s online presence.

PPC Lead Generation RESULTS

With the initial launch of Google Ads for ROS Electric, Ballantine was able to see a positive impact immediately, with an average of 16 new electrical contractor leads monthly.

With each quarter, the PPC lead generation continued on a positive trend, doubling from 17 to 34 leads a month. In more recent months, that number has nearly doubled again with nearly 58 leads as the highest.

While the pandemic has brought many industries to a halt, ROS Electric is still generating leads. During this time, Ballantine has continued to develop and strengthen current landing pages. Thanks to the PPC success, we have also started an all-encompassing SEO strategy to continue generating website traffic and harnessing qualified leads. When the industry picks back up, ROS Electric will be ready to assist their growing customer base to meet all of their service needs.

Receiving these stellar reviews from our clients makes all of our work worthwhile:


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