Industrial LED Lighting Company Experiences Significant Traffic and Visibility Growth Through Digital Marketing

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Olympia Lighting, Inc.


Industrial LED Lighting

SEO, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Press Releases


  • 125 organic leads
  • 62 leads from Google Ads
  • 20 percent increase in organic clicks
  • 46 percent increase in search impressions


About Olympia Lighting

Olympia Lighting offers more efficient lighting alternatives to metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps and other fixtures. The company is a manufacturer and seller of these efficient lighting solutions, offering a wide variety of LED lighting solutions for companies looking for a better, more efficient way to utilize this energy source.

PPC Lead Generation SERVICES

Ballantine’s goal is to enhance their client’s online visibility and get qualified leads through a digital marketing strategy tailored to Olympia’s specific needs. Our services include:

Search Engine Optimization

We conducted SEO audits and keyword research to identify any improvements necessary for the client to get better organic results. We then began on-page optimization, content creation, Yext and Google Maps optimization, and monthly link building.

Google Ads

The goal was to bring more traffic and qualified leads to the client, either as a traffic source or direct phone calls. The client was previously handling this themselves and we took it off their hands completely so they could focus on their core business. In the process, we were able to make several rounds of enhancements that improved results. 

Social Media Advertising

LinkedIn was established as the most relevant social network for the client to promote their products and services. We established a 4-post per month frequency, posted organically, and subsequently boosted to get even more results. We are now layering in Facebook as a “phase 2”. 

Content Marketing

The Ballantine team began a content marketing strategy as a way to attract potential customers to visit and spend more time on the site (and educate them in certain cases). Our efforts included product page optimization, blog content, project pages and press releases. 

Importance of Digital Marketing RESULTS

Since January of 2021, the above efforts for Olympia Lighting resulted in:


Since we started implementing our different marketing strategies in January 2021, the client’s visibility and lead numbers have increased tremendously.

Our team’s insights show that on Google, Olympia has seen a 20 percent increase in organic clicks and a 46 percent increase in organic impressions. This has translated into 125 organic leads.

Google Ads

Ballantine made key changes to the client’s existing Google Ads efforts and saw a nice boost in results. First, we limited targeting to the USA and changed the ad schedule to Monday – Friday 5 am – 8 pm. Ads were previously running on a 24/h basis.

We also rewrote ad copy and leveraged Google’s responsive ad formats, conducted keyword research to identify better search terms, and targeted ads based on specific groups. These efforts translated into 62 leads from Google Ads.

Content Marketing

Our team created several press releases and optimized website content to support our link-building and SEO efforts. This website content included high-performing blog pages and project pages. The strategy so far has amplified their SEO and resulted in many high-quality leads and conversions. Press releases have averaged about 100 pick ups and 90 website click-throughs each. 

Social Media

With the help of Olympia’s team, we are able to keep the LinkedIn business account quite active, sharing a variety of company news and content. With a 4 post per month frequency plus boosting, we were able to generate 50,063 impressions into the newsfeeds of their prospects and 273 website clicks, which then get remarketed. The posts were added to the page and subsequently promoted using LinkedIn’s paid advertising platform to increase post reach and results.

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