MedPro Receives 5x Growth in Website Leads

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MedPro Systems

SaaS serving the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries

SEO, Google Adwords and LinkedIn advertising

400 percent growth in website leads


MedPro Systems is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company serving the healthcare and Life Sciences Industries. This case study details our SaaS digital marketing strategy for MedPro. It describes how we used search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising to drive a record number of impressions, clicks and conversions over a five-year period.

PPC Lead Generation SERVICES

MedPro Systems partners with companies in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries to meet business and regulatory challenges, such as verifying and enriching healthcare licensing data attribute for compliance initiatives. To broaden their reach to new companies, MedPro turned to Ballantine to support the growth of their digital presence through SEO and paid advertising. We proposed a digital marketing strategy to help MedPro reach its goals.

Ranking high in searches is critical to increasing a SaaS company's online presence, attracting the right customers, and boosting sales. Text around a company's website and blog is the foundation of a Google search. We carefully crafted that copy so that it highlighted MedPro's business, which is critical in search rankings. Google Ads also are an important part of a digital campaign and are often the additional nudge prospective customers require to visit a website for the first time. At Ballantine, we choose Google and LinkedIn channels for Life Sciences companies. Google is preferred because of the ability to bid on keywords with high commercial intent. LinkedIn enables us to get MedPro’s ads in the newsfeed of their target audience. 

Importance of Digital Marketing RESULTS

During the marketing campaign, MedPro saw the following results:

  • A 700 percent increase in total keywords rankings
  • A 400 percent growth in web leads
  • A 67 percent increase in search visibility
  • A 10 percent increase in organic search traffic

MedPro Systems is successfully telling its story to potential customers who want to know how their solutions and compliance services can help their organizations. The visibility and traffic increase also is fueling MedPro Systems' sales efforts by creating an additional channel for lead generation. 

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