Ballantine Helps New Jersey Insurance Agency Boost Website Traffic and Lead Generation

Insurance Agency Digital Marketing Case Study


New Jersey Insurance Agency

Social Media, Content Marketing, Google AdWords and Search Engine Optimization

105% increase in web traffic and 2,000 leads generated

105% increase in web traffic, 97% more organic traffic & over 2,000 leads generated


Our client is a New Jersey-based insurance agency focusing on the personal care industry, including day spas, salons, and tattoo shops. We began working together in 2015 with the goals of increasing leads, website traffic, and brand awareness through digital marketing.

Ballantine developed a comprehensive online marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization, social media, blogging, and pay per click advertising through Google AdWords. All of these individual components are intelligently linked to create an overall cohesive strategy.

  An Evolving Marketing Strategy

Social Media

Ballantine developed a social media strategy that included Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to cultivate a brand presence and to interact with customers. The campaign included sharing of curated content and blog posts across all of their a social media accounts, as well as promotional and event-triggered content.

A paid advertising campaign focusing on owners of tattoo shops was also developed through Facebook to increase visibility and engage potential customers in this specialty insurance niche.

Content Marketing

A blog content strategy was created to regularly develop and publish quality content on their website that not only provided value to readers, but also boosted SEO. All blog topics relate back to their wide range of insurance products, both traditional and specialty. The strategy included:

• Standard Blog Posts – Regular blog posts that are optimized for organic search traffic.
• Skyscraper Posts – Quarterly long-form blog posts that are optimized for organic search traffic.

Each blog post included custom images and was keyword optimized to maximize SEO. Blog posts were shared through all of their active social media channels, and promoted on Facebook with ads targeted to relevant audience profiles i.e. day spa owners.

Google AdWords

Part of Ballantine’s strategy for them included the use of Google AdWords. Efforts to reach customers through Google AdWords included paid search results, display ads on relevant websites, and retargeting. The campaign also included advertising inside Gmail. The primary goal of this portion of the campaign was to supplement SEO efforts for specific keywords related to their specialty insurance products to reach relevant customers and boost qualified leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Many of the efforts described previously, such as the development of regular quality content, help to improve the placement of them in search engine results for a variety of keywords. They were able to achieve first page rankings on Google for a variety of relevant search terms, such as “day spa insurance”, “body piercing insurance”, and “tattoo studio insurance”.

Ballantine worked with them on an ongoing basis to gradually improve their search engine rankings for relevant, quality keyword phrases. The goal was to continually increase the amount of organic search traffic and leads that they receive through search engine results.


The campaigns that Ballantine developed for the client in 2015 were highly successful. As a result of efforts in organic search, online advertising, and social media, they experienced a 105% increase in web traffic in 2015 over the previous year.

Organic search results were up 97%. Furthermore, they generated 2,000 leads in 2015 – including form submissions, phone calls and emails – as a result of their digital marketing campaigns and increased online visibility. Ballantine will continue to monitor results and refine the strategy in 2016.