Ballantine Boosts Website Traffic & Inquiries for Infinite Therapy Solutions

Pediatric Therapy Clinic Digital Marketing Case Study


Infinite Therapy Solutions

Pediatric Therapy

SEO, Google AdWords, Outreach, Social Media, Blogging

60% increase in overall traffic from Dec. 18 to Jan. 19; 34% increase in website sessions YTD. Their leads have vaulted from a few occasional leads to a consistent number, over 20 each month.


Infinite Therapy Solutions is a pediatric therapy clinic offering home and clinic-based services for speech therapy, occupational therapy, applied behavioral analysis, and more across New Jersey. They serve the Bayonne and West Orange communities and beyond, with services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and ABA therapy in New Jersey. Their marketing goal was to generate awareness and interest in their services, as well as bring more clients to their Bayonne and West Orange clinics. That’s why they partnered with Ballantine to develop and implement an integrated digital marketing strategy with an emphasis on search engine marketing.


Ballantine’s goal was to generate more relevant traffic to the company’s website, in an effort to bring in more leads for clients needing occupational and speech therapy in NJ. The team put together an integrated digital marketing strategy that included search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads through Google AdWords, social media marketing, and various outreach efforts.



Infinite Therapy Solutions came to Ballantine asking for ways to grow the number of visitors on their website. By implementing effective marketing strategies including SEO, Social Media Marketing and Advertising strategies, Ballantine increased the number of inquiries and expanded Infinite Therapy’s online presence. This resulted in an increase in website traffic for their pediatric therapy clinics in Bayonne and West Orange. Here are some high-level highlights of what Ballantine did to help Infinite Therapy Solutions gain website visitors.

An Integrated Approach

Ballantine took an integrated approach to help Infinite Therapy Solutions boost website traffic to improve lead generation and conversions, through:

Search Engine Optimization

Ballantine developed a comprehensive SEO strategy for the client that included in-depth keyword research, ongoing website optimization, and blogging services. By creating more content around keywords that potential clients use to search for these type of services online, Ballantine was able to help Infinite Therapy Solutions connect with potential leads on search engines like Google.

Google AdWords

Ballantine also included paid ads as part of the client’s integrated search engine marketing strategy. By developing targeted ad content that focused on the needs of the clinic’s ideal clients, Ballantine was able to help Infinite Therapy Solutions drive more relevant traffic back to their site through the search engines.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to using paid and organic search engine marketing efforts to drive more traffic to Infinite Therapy’s website, Ballantine offered social media marketing services. The social media strategy was primarily focused on increasing their local reach, brand awareness and improving engagement on Facebook.



Both the paid and organic search engine marketing campaigns that Ballantine developed and implemented for the client were a success. Using this integrated approach to drive new website traffic, Ballantine was able to help Infinite Therapy Solutions provide care to many children and families through their wide range of pediatric therapy services.

The number of phone calls coming in has  increased significantly. Previously, they were getting only a few calls per month to now consistently receiving over 20 calls each month.

In addition, organic search traffic was up by 149% from December 2018 to March 2019.  Google Search impressions increased from 7,395 in January 2019 to 12,462 in April 2019. Ballantine boosted their website sessions by 34% YTD as of March 2019.

As the year continues, Ballantine will monitor and adjust Infinity Therapy Solutions’ digital marketing strategy so they see continued improvement in search engine traffic, inquiries and new website sessions throughout 2019 including a brand new website which we’re currently building for them. 

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