Digital Marketing Case Study 2019: Ballantine Brings Explosive Growth: Organic Traffic, Qualified Leads & Revenue to Forever Custom Iron Doors

Iron Door Manufacturer Digital Marketing Case Study


Forever Custom Iron Doors


Social Media, SEO, Google Ads, and Facebooks Ads


More website and social media visibility and a spike in leads generated

Founded in 2013, Forever Custom Iron Doors specializes in uniquely beautiful and highly protective custom, wrought iron entry doors that enhance any home or business.

The innovative company has developed industry-leading expertise in wrought iron creations including stunning entry door design, high-end iron door construction and flawless custom door installation. Notably, the company has achieved the highest level of quality, while providing entry door solutions that are cost effective.

Forever Custom Iron Doors tailors their iron door designs to perfectly suit customer tastes, as well as the architectural style of the home or building. The company is dedicated to world-class customer service. Entry doors are installed for property owners across the NJ area, with nationwide shipping available.


Despite being well-established offline, Forever Custom Iron Doors was in need of digital marketing. The company turned to Ballantine to expand their online reach and draw in new, potential customers. Ballantine took an integrated approach to expand their digital presence.

Starting with extensive keyword research, which led to a highly-effective, targeted keyword campaign. Ballantine honed the effectiveness of the website pages by reworking and updating the content. We also optimized the website with keywords, in line with current SEO best practices.

In a continued effort to boost brand awareness, Ballantine developed monthly content calendars for both their Facebook and Instagram channels. Through implementing a regularly scheduled stream of relevant, creative content and a targeted hashtag strategy, Ballantine was able to help improve Forever Custom Iron Doors’ organic reach.

To further capture leads, and seamlessly collect qualifying details, Ballantine also designed and implemented a highly successful new lead form on Facebook. After supplying paid advertising examples, Ballantine got the go-ahead to strategically use paid ads on both Facebook and Google.

Both served as integral growth opportunities as part of our online advertising strategy for this client.

The persistence of digital ads on Facebook can contribute to increase product and brand awareness helping to fuel organic search traffic on Google for their brand terms.

Using Google Ads, Ballantine developed two distinct, targeted PPC campaigns to help achieve growth both locally and nationally. Forever Custom Iron Doors wanted to expand and focus more on NYC so we catered the keywords and ads more towards NYC. The national campaign focuses more on keywords and ads that pertained to their product offerings.

Together, these campaigns were designed to further increase the client’s digital visibility.


At Ballantine, our central goal for Forever Custom Iron Doors’ integrated digital strategy was to use Google Ads, paid advertising, social media, and SEO to increase relevant traffic to their website and ultimately, increase sales. Each component of the strategy worked in synergy to help improve their digital visibility and generate qualified leads.

Prior to partnering with Ballantine, the skilled and experienced iron door maker had 2 keywords that ranked in the top 100 on a Google search and now have 88. With the steady flow of new leads coming from our digital efforts, Forever Custom Iron Doors has mentioned possibly hiring an additional employee. The increase in qualified leads achieved through our strategic plan proved truly effective, increasing conversions and boosting revenue for Forever Custom Iron Doors.

Resulting from the comprehensive SEO strategy, Forever Custom Iron Doors saw dramatic improvements in organic visibility from June through October as shown in this chart:

Forever Custom Iron Doors SEO Growth

Similar impressive progress from Google PPC efforts was achieved, comparing (6/18 – 7/31) to (8/1 – 9/24):

  • Increased click-throughs ↑232%
  • Increased impressions ↑581%

Since launching their Facebook and Instagram profiles in July, organic and paid has performed exceptionally well, (7/16– 9/24):

  • Total Facebook Post Reach: 100,000+
  • Total Facebook Page Likes  increased ↑89%

With the unparalleled quality and artistic design of Forever Custom Iron Doors, they certainly deserve to be well-known online! Ballantine is gratified to help in that effort and the client is very happy:

Forever Custom Iron Doors review

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