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Financial Analysis Software Company sees 95,272 Impressions in Organic Search Visibility

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FISCAL Software Solutions


SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing

142 total leads
4.55% clickthrough rate in Google Ads
95,272 organic search impressions


FISCAL SPREADING and TRACKING are software solutions offered by Vision Software Solution. FISCAL was created with the goal of making financial analysis faster, better and easier.

The FISCAL team reached out to Ballantine seeking our services to ensure they are marketing their services to those who need them most. FISCAL works with credit unions and small banks. With that in mind, here is a closer look at Ballantine's marketing efforts for our client.

PPC Lead Generation SERVICES

For FISCAL, we opt to use a varied approach with our marketing efforts. Our marketing efforts include the following:

SEO Optimization: This includes SEO audits, on-page optimization, content blocks and Google Maps, as well as monthly link building to high performing pages and pages that are getting a good deal of traffic.

Pay Per Click Advertising: Another method we use is pay-per-click ads on Google Ads. 

Social Media Marketing: Yet another one of our tactics used for FISCAL is social media marketing. In this case, we post content on their LinkedIn page for their followers and link the posts back to their website. Once the LinkedIn posts are live, we advertise the posts to relevant audiences within their target markets to raise brand awareness. By doing this we're able to reach people who might be interested in FISCAL, but are not following them already.

Email Marketing: We also include email marketing as a part of their overall campaign. In particular, we send out weekly emails to prospects and a monthly bulletin email to their existing clients which promotes their blogs and training sessions.

Content Marketing: We have collaborated with FISCAL on blogs with an initial content push of five blogs around high performing keywords and high search volume. We now SEO optimize the content that FISCAL creates and these blogs are also posted onto LinkedIn and boosted to reach a wider audience. 

Importance of Digital Marketing RESULTS

Based on the methods mentioned, we were able to generate the following results:

Through our digital marketing efforts, we have generated 142 total leads, 127 of those were form submissions and 15 phone calls. Actual active quotes from these leads is currently valued at $118,500. 

For Google Ads, we achieved a 4.55% clickthrough rate.

For SEO, we helped grow their organic search visibility to 95,272 impressions. 

We have sent 36 emails, with the bulletins receiving the highest open rates (up to 23%). These monthly bulletin emails consisted of a brief blog description, an overview of the month’s training sessions and a testimonial quote.

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No matter how successful your company may be, seeking out marketing assistance is always a good idea. This is especially the case for companies that are evolving and expanding their markets and financial accounting software companies. Here at Ballantine, we go above and beyond to create personalized marketing campaigns that will help you attract the types of leads and customers that generate long-term income. Ready to get started? Contact us today for more information and a quote.