Ballantine Boosts Dr. Motion’s Organic Growth and Clicks

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Dr. Motion Compression Socks


SEO and Content Marketing

532 percent increase in organic clicks and a 383 percent increase in organic impressions through SEO and Content Marketing efforts.

Here at Ballantine, we go above and beyond to provide each and every customer with powerful marketing solutions to help them take their companies to the next level. Dr. Motion is a company that is known for selling compression socks with unique patterns. Although this brand was already well on its way before contacting us, we created a marketing plan that helped to take their company to the next level.


When it comes to our work with Dr. Motion, we decided to create a personalized marketing plan with a variety of methods while collaborating heavily with our client. The methods we used are as follows: 

– SEO: Our SEO Marketing strategy consisted of SEO audits, keyword research, content and link building.

– Social Media Marketing: One post per week on each social media platform.

– Facebook and Instagram Advertising: Boosting posts on each network with ad spend.

– Content Marketing: Two 600 word, keyword-optimized blogs and one infographic per month.

Although each of these elements played a role in making this company more visible online, our SEO marketing efforts are by far the most impressive channel for this client including getting several featured snippet placements in Google.


Year over year, we were able to create organic growth of 187 percent. Their organic impressions rose by 383 percent and they also received a 532 percent increase in organic clicks. This means we were able to not only make this brand progressively more visible, we were also able to boost engagement rates as well. Our marketing efforts are helping Dr. Motion become one of the top brands within the compression sock sector.

Dr. Motion’s top performing webpages for the quarter were informational blog posts we had written for them, including topics on “How Compression Socks can Keep Your Feet From Being Sore on Vacation” and “Should you Wear Compression Sleeves While Running?” These blog posts are driving signifcant traffic to the site. Additionally, they have been beneficial in earning Dr. Motion featured snippets on Google. For example, if someone searches “Do Bartenders Need Compression Socks?,” a featured snippet from Dr. Motion’s blog shows up first, answering the question.


To increase Dr. Motion’s brand awareness and followers, we created an Instagram giveaway in April to give back to healthcare workers. Eight pairs of socks were given away to healthcare workers that followed Dr. Motion on Instagram, liked the post and tagged a friend in the comments who is on the frontlines. This giveaway increased Dr. Motion’s engagements by 122 percent and impressions by 274 percent. 

Since working with Dr. Motion, we have seen significant keyword growth, as shown by the charts below. In September 2018, Dr. Motion had 389 organically ranked keywords. After working with Ballantine, Dr. Motion has 5,518 organically ranked keywords as of September 2020.


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