Ballantine Helps Dominican Friars Foundation Maximize Google Grant, Generate Email Subscribers & Boost Facebook Visibility

Nonprofit Digital Marketing Case Study


Dominican Friars Foundation


Facebooks Ads, Google Ads

Maximized the benefits of Google Ad grant for nonprofit, improved lead generation, and 250% boost in Facebook likes


Internet advertising, particularly on social media, provides brands with the potential to grow their brand awareness and reach. Those interested in learning why digital marketing offers such successful solutions should remember that 72 percent of Americans have at least one social media profile, making these platforms an extremely effective way to reach a wider audience.

Dominican Friars Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in New York, NY that unifies the various fundraising efforts to support the Dominican Friars work for parishes, hospitals, college campuses and a variety of evangelization apostolates. The Dominican Friars wanted to expand their efforts to engage with their wider community. They wanted to encourage people to keep in touch with their religious order and increase the number of donations they received. Facebook and email provided them with an excellent channel to make this happen.


Facebook Strategy

To begin this project, Ballantine had to take into account the Facebook update 2019 that impacted how users interact with each other. Facebook wants to place a greater emphasis on the importance of community. This means that branded posts are not featured as highly on people's feeds unless they specifically say that they want to a follow a brand. It also means that Facebook is working to nurture communities.

To help the Dominican Friars, we created three main Facebook campaigns.

The first was a prayer intention campaign that encouraged people to submit prayer requests. This encouraged people to visit the website and engage directly with the friars.

The second was a 'like' campaign. For this campaign, we focused on bringing in more 'likes' for the organization and growing the Dominican Friars' followers. Once we secured people's email addresses, they could then be added to a nurture campaign that built their engagement with the organization.

The third branch of our efforts was a lead form ad. We targeted people who liked the Friars' Facebook page and worked to gather email addresses and user information from these people, increasing their engagement.

Throughout these efforts, we kept the 2019 Facebook changes in mind, focuses on the community aspects of the Dominican Friars' efforts.

Google Ad Grant

Our efforts weren't limited to Facebook – we created a Google Ad Grant for Rosary Shrine & Dominican Friars. The goal of these campaigns was to maximize the ad grant spend (up to $10,000 per month) while maintaining a 5% CTR as required by Google. To date, we've optimized the account and have been able to use over $126,000 in grant dollars from Google and collect over 10,000 email signups. In addition to maximizing the ad grant spend, we were able to maintain a click-through rate of over 7%.


Our digital marketing efforts had tremendous results for our client.

-They went from just over 5,000 page likes to over 19,000, which was a 250% increase.

-We cultivated 1,723 leads for them, bringing in more people to their nurture campaigns.

-Maximized the benefits of the $10,000 ad grant from Google for non-profits

When the Dominican Friars first came to us, they wanted to know more about how they could build their online presence to grow their community and bring in their needed donations. With our expertise and digital marketing, we surpassed our goals. Come and learn more about how Ballantine can help your digital marketing efforts shine.