Ballantine helps Seidler Chemical Increase its Online Visibility and Attract More Leads


Seidler Chemical


SEO and Content Marketing

146% increase in leads and a 122% increase in website traffic


Seidler Chemical is a NJ-based supplier, distributor, blender, and re-packager of quality chemicals and ingredients. The company was founded in 1896 by Alexander Seidler in Newark, NJ, and continues to be a family owned and operated business in Newark. Unlike many of its competitors, Seidler Chemical has the capability to provide its products in any volume, large or small, so they have developed a strong and loyal customer base that appreciates the personal touch that they provide.

Seidler has been a customer of Ballantine’s since mid-2013. The company had an existing web site, but at the time it was outdated and needed a makeover.  Seidler updated the website to make the content and design current and fresh, and brought in Ballantine to provide search engine optimization (SEO) and other online marketing services.

  Website Optimization

Ballantine took a look at the Seidler website and provided optimization for approximately 20 keywords over five categories (chemicals, biotechnology, electronics, waste water treatment, and environmental testing) that were central to Seidler’s business.  Fresh content, such as information about specific chemicals, was also added to the website on a monthly basis to attract more targeted traffic. Lastly, an additional set of keywords were later focused on to help fuel the fire and boost results.

“Seidler has a very long and reputable history in the chemical industry,” explains Ryan Cote, Director of Marketing for Ballantine, “but they needed help increasing their online visibility so more customers could find them online. We combined monthly search engine optimization with a monthly dose of fresh content to meet their objectives.”

Seidler began with a three month trial to gauge the effectiveness of the optimization process.  Based on the results of this initial trial, Seidler extended their relationship with Ballantine for a second three month evaluation cycle, and finally contracted ongoing services from Ballantine.


Currently, Seidler’s website has risen over 2000 spots in Google and over 1000 spots in Bing and Yahoo for search results.  Total traffic to the website rose from a 3 month average of 615 visitors per month to a 3 month average of 1,364 visits per month.  Visitors from organic search results rose from a 3 month average of 363 per month to a 3 month average of 645 per month. Seidler is now on the first page in search results for a variety of targeted and relevant keyword phrases, and other phrases continue to rise.

While traffic increases are good, conversions are better.  One of Seidler’s conversion goals was form completion, where a visitor to the website enters and submits contact information.  Form completions rose from 13 per month to 32 per month after optimization. Dion Morreale, Director of IT, at Seidler notes that in a recent two week period, they had 10 brand new customers, and are averaging three to five new customers per week.  “This is a dramatic increase and proves that the improvements to the website are translating into revenue. All of us at Seidler are very impressed by the increase in traffic, leads, and customers that our website is providing, thanks to the website optimization services provided by Ballantine.”

Next Steps

Based on the success that Seidler has seen so far, they have contracted with Ballantine to provide additional services, including pay per click (PPC) advertising, retargeting and the development of quarterly authority guides focused on topics that are relevant to their customer base.  Seidler is also looking to Ballantine to develop print marketing materials as well, including an envelope package with a letter and brochure.

Seidler currently sees about 10-15% of its traffic coming from mobile devices.  As the use of mobile phones and tablets to access the internet rises, the percentage of mobile device traffic is expected to increase.  As a result, Seidler also recently made their website mobile responsive with the help of their web designer, Danielle Campisi.

2017 Update

Now that we have a solid 2 years of data under our belt with Seidler, we figured we’d update this case study with new stats. As you’ll see, their online presence continues to get stronger and the end result is more leads and business for our client.

Organic Traffic

2016 vs. 2015: +38%
2016 vs. 2014: +112%

Form Leads from Organic

2016 vs. 2015: +82%
2016 vs. 2014: +100%

Phone Leads from Organic

We started to track Seidler’s calls from organic in June of 2016 (they opted not to prior). From June through December of 2016, they received 435 calls!

Google Pay Per Click

We started running small, but specialized pay per click campaigns to push specific chemicals. So far this effort has driven 205 phone calls and 108 form submissions!

LinkedIn Marketing

To boost Seidler’s brand awareness to the right job titles in the right industries, in 2017 we’re launching LinkedIn campaigns that consists of strategic content on their company page and advertising to their target audience.