Altech First Page Ranking in Less Than Two Months


Altech Electronics


SEO and Link Building

Through SEO and link building, Altech reached first page ranking in less than two months. 


Altech Electronics is a two-way radio provider servicing the tri-state area. Their two-way communications equipment is managed by one of the largest and most experienced Motorola service departments in the New York City, New Jersey, Long Island and Westchester County areas. Altech is staffed with certified two-way communications technicians with an average of 20 years of experience working with the most advanced radio communications systems from Motorola Solutions.

Altech reached out to Ballantine to boost their digital presence, specifically their local SEO to target customers in their service area. Ballantine was able to execute local SEO results through blog content and link building efforts.

PPC Lead Generation SERVICES

When it comes to local SEO, rankings on Google Maps are one of the top ways to increase your local online presence. The primary determinative factors are proximity, prominence, relevance, and reviews. With proximity, prominence and reviews, the control is a bit limited. Proximity is how close the user is to a business and is completely out of someone’s control. Prominence has to do with a company’s general web presence and web mentions and is a heavy lift to alter. Businesses do have some ability to influence how many reviews they receive — they can ask and follow up with customers, for example. But this is a long-term process, and control is a bit limited.

In Altech’s case, relevance had the most potential for impact and could be addressed fairly quickly through content. The goal would be to create useful content for users to help establish Altech Electronics' relevance to specific searches. Essentially, we would position Altech as a relevant answer to certain web queries.

Creating blog content goes hand in hand with an SEO strategy. For Altech, Ballantine created four keyword-based blog topics per month to establish Altech as a thought-leader in their industry. These blogs were done through a transcription with an expert at Altech. Additionally, Ballantine created landing pages and new product pages as needed.

Importance of Digital Marketing RESULTS

Our content for Altech focused on boosting keyword results for “commercial two way radios.” GMB SEO content was created related to the keyword and aimed to be as informative as possible to the needs of potential commercial two-way radio buyers.

  • The content was created and posted between November 2020 and February 2021.
  • The goal was to increase Altech's authority in the eyes of Google for commercial two-way radios.
  • The posts targeting information buyers would need to be linked back to pages on the site.

Our efforts resulted in improved visibility and rankings for Altech Electronics in Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx, including the addition of a “sold here” notification on the Google Map listing.

  1.   For The Bronx, Altech went from no visibility on the search results in November, to the third position in February.

The Bronx- November 2020:

The Bronx- February 2021:

  1.   In Staten Island, the search results position improved from three in November, to one in January, and then to two in February.

Staten Island- November 2020: 
Staten Island – January 2021:

Staten Island – February 2021:

  1.   In Queens, the search results position improved from two in November to one in February.

Queens- November 2021:

Queens- February 2021:

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