Advantage Contracting Receives 102 Percent Surge in Leads


Advantage Contracting

Home Renovation

SEO, Google Ads and Content Marketing

Leads increased 102 percent year-over-year


Advantage Contracting is a licensed and insured contractor serving Northern New Jersey. They provide kitchen, bathroom, basement, and other home renovation services. Although they have been in operation for 25 years, they understand the value of connecting with new prospects through consistent marketing. They came to Ballantine seeking digital marketing services for contractors to help them continue to upscale and improve their business.

PPC Lead Generation SERVICES

After collecting data and information on the company and its past and present customers, we developed a marketing plan that consists of the following:

  • SEO Optimization: Our SEO optimization services for Advantage Contracting include technical audits, keyword research, on-page optimization & content blocks, Google Maps optimization and link building.
  • Pay Per Click Ads on Google Ads: Another method we use to help Advantage Contracting is pay-per-click ads on Google Ads.
  • Content Marketing: Advantage Contracting's package also includes content marketing. The types of posts we create include blog posts, articles, press releases and more.
  • Quarterly Reviews: Lastly, we review Advantage Contracting's account quarterly. We do this to evaluate what is working and suggest what needs to be revised or improved.

Importance of Digital Marketing RESULTS

The most recent quarter results of our marketing efforts for Advantage Contracting are as follows:

  • Leads are up 102 percent year over year.
  • Website traffic is also up 209 percent year over year.
  • Organic traffic is up 213 percent.
  • Over half of our conversions from Google Ads were for remodeling services.

For our SEO strategy, we created a multi-layered strategy of website optimization, keyword-rich content creation and expansive link-building to increase Advantage Contracting's organic traffic and total conversions. We focus on high-volume, low-difficulty home improvement and remodeling keywords to attract more potential clients. Following the latest Google trends and best practices, Ballantine has been able to achieve substantial YOY growth in these key areas.

For ads, we run display campaigns targeting remodeling, roofing and bathrooms. For the audiences, we used a mix of affinity audiences and geographical information targeting homeowners in specific towns Advantage wishes to work in and currently works in. For the branded campaign, we are bidding on their name.

We started with campaigns for all their services offered and as conversions came in, we were able to determine which campaigns were the most successful and turned into new business for the client. We paused the underperforming campaigns and created a shared budget for the top campaigns. As we continued to refine the campaigns, we updated the targeting to CPA (cost per acquisition) in order to get conversions at a price the client wanted.

We also updated the landing pages for each service to increase the quality scores of the ads. We were able to use our content budget to achieve this.

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