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Answer Box Advantages: How To Get Into Featured Snippet On Google

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Since it was first introduced in 2015, Google’s Answer Box has been the Holy Grail of marketing. Containing a brief snippet of text from one of the pages that comes up in certain search results, this box makes an instant impression on anyone who sees it. Marketers are constantly on the lookout for Google Answer Box tips to get into this section. The following guide will help you do just this, leading to more clicks, views, and conversions for your pages from the largest modern search engine.

how to get into featured snippet on google, google featured snippet tips, google answer box tips to get into

Step 1: Choosing Effective Keywords

As with many forms of marketing, the most important Google Featured Snippet tips concern keywords. Better keywords increase your chance of appearing in the Answer Box, which is why you should:

  • Focus on keywords that are framed in the form of a question, as these account for 41 percent of Featured Snippets
  • Figure out which questions already have Answer Box snippets, and focus on those
  • Determine whether customers are likely to type such questions or ask them with voice search, and how that will affect their word choice

The more carefully you select keywords, the easier it is for Google to determine whether your pages are relevant to users’ searches. This not only boosts the number of Answer Boxes you land in, but also makes sure you’re placed in the right ones.

Step 2: Answer Questions Concisely

Once you know what questions your customers are asking, you need to make sure you’re answering them as concisely as possible. Google wants the text in the Answer Box to give users a significant amount of information and leave them hungry for more. If the answer on your landing page contains fewer than 100 words and three or four sentences, it’s likely to meet Google’s standards. The search engine will thus be encouraged to feature it, and customers will get more out of it when they see it.

Step 3: Analyze for Accuracy

Any answer you provide on Google must be accurate. Providing inaccurate or unverifiable information doesn’t just lead customers to trust you less down the road. It also makes you less likely to be featured in the Answer Box, as Google will discover the inaccuracy and remove your snippet. So check your facts diligently, and never make a claim on a landing page you can’t prove. You should also stick to statistics and other cold, hard facts, as these are less open to interpretation and thus easier to prove right.

how to get into featured snippet on google, google featured snippet tips, google answer box tips to get into

Step 4: Use Lists, Tables, & Graphs

Whenever possible, use numbered lists, graphs, and tables in pages that you hope will be chosen for featured snippets. Google prefers this type of content for its Answer Box, as it is easier for users to look at it and instantly absorb useful information. These materials also tend to be more concise, as they contain relatively few words, and the words they do use are tailored to provide as much information as possible


Google’s Answer Box provides valuable publicity for any company that can get a snippet to be featured in it. To boost your odds of landing such a snippet, you must:

  1. Research and select effective keywords and phrases, especially those that are in the form of a question
  2. Answer customers’ questions in 100 words or less while still providing valuable, detailed information
  3. Make sure any information that you provide is accurate, unambiguous, and easy to verify
  4. Incorporate graphs, numbered lists, and tables into your content at every opportunity

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