5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

5 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

For manufacturers, digital marketing is a cornerstone of connecting with consumers and encouraging them to make a purchase. Customers today expect their favorite brands to be active on at least three to four different social sites. People today value these opportunities to personally connect with brands. Thus, providing a quality experience for customers through digital media lays the foundation for the brand-consumer relationship. The  better that manufacturers are able to understand the importance of digital marketing, the easier it will be for them to rise to the top. Here are just five benefits of a strong digital marketing strategy.


1. Building brand awareness

Manufacturers can leverage digital marketing to grow brand awareness. By building your site and ranking well for important terms, you can introduce people using organic search to your organization. Similarly, building your social media pages can help people get to know your company.


To build brand awareness consider:

  • Inviting current and past customers to follow you on social media
  • Host social media groups or build conversations using hashtags
  • Employ a quality content development and SEO program, like the one we offer at Ballantine
  • Build an email list from forms filled out on your computer
  • Let Ballantine guide you to create a PPC strategy that complements your organic and social efforts.


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2. Improve customer loyalty

Customers today are highly likely to engage with brands online as they progress through the buyer’s journey– 95 percent of online adults between 18 and 34 follow a brand on social networking sites. This presents these organizations with the perfect opportunity to engage with prospects and build strong relationships.

When brands master this aspect of digital marketing, they establish strong customer loyalty. Seventy-one percent of customers who report having a positive social media experience with a brand say that they are likely to recommend the company to others.


3. Become a thought leader in your industry

thought leadership


Digital marketing provides you with a platform to showcase your understanding and expertise in manufacturing. Customers use the internet to find answers to their problems, and the brands that consistently provide them with the information they need lay the foundation for a strong relationship. Digital media allows you to offer your opinions on events in your industry as well as advice and answers, letting people know that you are a helpful professional who understands the material.


4. Show off your capabilities

Digital marketing, particularly social media, provides an outstanding platform to demonstrate your capabilities. Since customers have such a strong affinity for posts made with images, using visual content can promote your business and what you manufacture. Images can be powerful means of communicating with your prospects: people only remember about 10 percent of information they hear three days later. When that information is combined with a relevant image, however, their memory jumps to 65 percent of the material. Use appealing product images to tap into these capabilities and demonstrate your value to customers.


5. Nurture leads

Through digital marketing, you can take advantage of the power of marketing automation. When customers visit your website, you can track their behavior on the site, particularly what resources they download. When they convert to a lead and provide you with their information, you can nurture your lead through the rest of the sales cycle with marketing automation.

By triggering emails based upon consumer behavior, you will have a better chance of engaging the prospect and convincing them to become a customer. Among brands that use marketing automation, 80 percent saw boosts in their number of leads and 77 percent saw their number of conversions grow.

Digital marketing can help manufacturing companies build relationships and establish their organization at the forefront of their field. Manufacturers that take advantage of the online ecosystem will find that it:


  • Helps them build their reputation and brand awareness
  • Improves customer loyalty
  • Establishes them as a thought leader
  • Demonstrates the manufacturer’s capabilities
  • Allows the brand to nurture their incoming leads.


Brands that want to take their brands further should consider working with Ballantine. Since 1966 we have helped brands successfully navigate marketing, and we look forward to helping you, too.