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3 Digital Marketing Tactics Your Tech Company Needs Today

Digital Marketing for Technology Companies

Digital marketing for technology companies can move the needle forward. Your technology company can gain new leads and establish thought leadership with the right digital marketing tactics. Learn how the best digital marketing strategies can help achieve business objectives and improve revenue.

1. Benefit from Tech Content Marketing

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Tech companies large and small use content marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy. The creation and promotion of valuable content across select platforms helps establish a company’s position as a thought leader. Businesses benefit from sending out content and engaging with prospects as they get their contact information.

What is content marketing? One definition from Eloqua is:

“Content Marketing: creating and distributing digital assets for the purpose of achieving business results.”

These days marketing plans include text, video, podcasts and online events. Copy offered to an audience in exchange for contact details often includes blogs, ebooks, guides and infographics. Content marketing is done to engage potential prospects, build a following and nurture leads.

Content marketing is performed to meet the objectives defined within a tech business. It is an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy and insights on performance help hone a marketing approach. There are many analytic tools to select from to gauge results. This is important as the performance of various forms of content will be used to plan future campaigns.

2. Nurture Leads with Marketing Automation

Most marketers need to deal with a long sales cycle. This is an obvious issue when it comes to B2B organizations. Marketing automation makes it easier to create, publish and manage content. It becomes easier to manage leads and follow-up.

It is close to impossible to manage content on multiple platforms without using some form of marketing automation software. Know that regardless of industry, marketing automation has become an essential tool for marketers and business owners.

Greg Head, CMO of Infusion Soft said:

“The reality is the best marketers are using both inbound marketing and marketing automation together, and they are getting great returns.”

Automation technologies are being used to not only engage prospects but to create efficiencies and drive revenue. According to a poll by Annuitas,

86 percent of B2B marketers believed that “marketing automation had been at least somewhat effective in impacting pipeline and revenue.”

Marketing automation has made marketers the in-house expert on automation technologies and new technologies are used to prioritize content, add more intelligence to automated processes and better personalize content for the needs of leads as they make their way toward conversion.

3. Create Presence with LinkedIn

Digital Marketing for Technology Companies

LinkedIn is the one platform embraced for professional networking. There are a number of tutorials on creating a better profile and freely talking with an audience and sharing insights on LinkedIn Pulse. It has also become the place to advertise.

However, some make be overlooking the importance of LinkedIn groups. A softer sales approach is welcome in groups. Groups help tech companies tap into conversations and grow connections with people who either need their tech services and advice or can support their needs in achieving their business objectives. Sarah Flick, manager of content strategy and PR at ZOGDigital shared:

“Identify groups with members who are prospective clients or influencers in your industry and then create content such as articles, how-to’s, guides and blog posts that feature subjects relevant to that group. This method can be used to provide best practices, establish your brand as an industry leader, or promote products and services in a natural and organic way.”

The point is to use content to provide value to a conversation or to initiate discussion. People still come first when it comes to LinkedIn discussions. The wealth of content that an organization already possesses or first-hand insights may prove to be of benefit in winning over future customers.

How Digital Marketing Can Help With Marketing For Tech Companies

Since 1966, Ballantine has offered innovative and affordable print and digital marketing campaigns. Technology companies benefit from using:

  • Content marketing to become a thought leader;
  • Marketing automation to nurture leads as well as personalize and manage content; and
  • LinkedIn groups to connect with prospects.

Contact Ballantine to discuss which new digital marketing tactics & strategies may best suit your tech company’s objectives today.

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