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3 Benefits of Using Curated Content In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Benefits of Curated Content

Social media marketers rely upon content curation as part of their social media strategy, but why is content curation so important these days? Well, not only does it help support a campaign with third party validation, but it can build a company’s brand. Here are 3 major benefits of utilizing a content curation strategy to achieve social media marketing objectives.

1. Content Curation Provides Third Party Validation

Curating content allows a company to provide content of value from other sources, in addition to original in-house creations, to support a marketing campaign.

When choosing to curate content, go beyond general attribution. Begin with introducing the author and follow with the value of the content to a target audience. Add in a quote or statistic from the piece as an example of the quality content to come.

Demand Metric, a global market research and advisory firm, does this and more as part of their content curation efforts in their Analyst Perspectives Blog. The addition of their own commentary adds additional insight and value for the reader. Types of commentary to accompany curated marketing content can include:

  • Personal insights from specific experiences;
  • Adjustments to the core message to meet the needs of a different industry or customer challenge;
  • Bringing up any missed points; and
  • Ways the article could be enhanced.

Use the team’s expertise and experience to add to the value of curated content when used as part of the organization’s social media strategy. Help highlight the most important takeaways and guide viewers as they consider the points being made.

2. Content Curation Establishes Authority

Building a microsite or destination site can help marketers answer the questions and address the challenges of a highly-specialized sub-group. Microsites are known to help establish thought leadership, increase engagement and support lead generation efforts. Content curation works to add value to visitors and assist in showcasing the expertise of an organization.

Big Data and Analytics Hub is a subset of IBM’s corporate website. Different types of content curation are used to achieve:

  • Additional credibility;
  • More value for a target audience; and
  • Better connection across the global big data ecosystem.

IBM can afford to develop original content and does not need use content curation to fill any content generation gaps. It purposefully uses other company’s content to create additional dialogue and resources for their end-user.

3. Content Curation Engages Audiences on Social Media Platforms

Organizations generally select multiple channels through which they engage and build a following on social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a few of the popular platforms where content curation becomes an important asset for the social media marketer. Sharing other people’s images, content, tweets and videos can help educate audiences, attract new prospects and build a brand. In addition, using @ and the author’s name in a comment may help establish new connections with thought leaders and generate additional conversation. A great thing about social media is that businesses can tap into new groups and potential followers based on who clicks, likes, comments and shares.

The Child and Family Center uses curated content on their LinkedIn page.

Whole Foods Markets harnesses visual elements to appeal to their audience on Pinterest.

Use curated content to offer additional value and entice an audience. Add value with less effort and complement the original content being offered on social media channels and website blogs.

Harness the Potential of Content Curation to Achieve Social Media Marketing Goals

Since 1966, Ballantine has answered the needs of businesses for innovative print and digital marketing campaigns. Businesses and marketers benefit from content curation to:

  • Provides third party validation;
  • Establish authority; and
  • Engage audiences.

Curated Social Media Content Creation You Can Rely On

Contact Ballantine to learn how to integrate content curation within social media marketing efforts today. We’re experts in creating digital content and can provide your company with curated articles, blogs, infographics, social media posts, and more!

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