2018 Facebook Algorithm Changes & What to Expect in 2019

Facebook Algorithm Changes, Facebook advertising changes, Facebook marketing updates

Globally, nearly 1.5 billion people log into Facebook every day. The power of the platform to engage and connect people makes it an important resource in the arsenal of any marketer. Those who have paid attention to the news over the past year, however, also know that the platform has made significant changes over the past twelve months, impacting how businesses reach their target audience. The platform has also faced scandals, which led to many users reevaluating how they use the platform.

Brands who want to optimize their opportunity on social media should consider these Facebook advertising changes as well as the anticipated trends for 2019 as they begin to formulate their social media strategy.

The 2018 headlines about Facebook and Instagram

Facebook algorithm changes

Facebook announced early in 2018 that they had updated their algorithm so that users’ news feeds would focus more on posts from friends, family, and groups. This made it harder for brands to get their material in front of the desired audience and sent many brands scrambling to update their strategies.

Facebook’s security breach

In mid- 2018, Facebook faced an incredible scandal when a data breach that impacted the personal information of over 80 million people was made public. Facebook was heavily criticized for having inadequate security measures as well as overly-broad terms and conditions given to users.

Instagram’s push towards authenticity

Facebook Algorithm Changes, Facebook advertising changes, Facebook marketing updates

In response to the scandals, Facebook as been working towards creating a greater degree of transparency for users, and Instagram is following suit. They platform announced a crackdown on ‘inauthentic content’ such as purchased likes.

Instagram lets you promote your IGTV through Stories

On the image sharing platform, you can also now share previews of your favorite IGTV videos. This makes it easier for brands to promote their unique content and attract attention.

Facebook’s new features

Facebook launched new features, such as their Portal, which allows people to make video calls through Messenger on mobile devices. The platform also released updates to help business owners and job seekers connect, and even created Learn with Facebook, where job seekers can learn more about valuable skills needed in the digital workplace.

Where Facebook and Instagram are going in 2019

Ads will become more interactive

Look for opportunities from Facebook and Instagram to create more interactive ads. This includes Shop with Instagram updates, Playable Ads for Facebook games, and Augmented Reality Ads, which allow customers the chance to interact more with the ad within the Facebook platform.

Greater emphasis on personal connections

With Facebook marketing updates and the algorithm update, it will be much harder to reach customers unless they truly want to be reached. This trend began in 2018 in response the the changes, but will gain even more momentum in 2019. Brands will need to create content that builds relationships and encourages people to heavily engage with the Facebook page.

Build a strong PPC strategy for Facebook and Instagram

With the size of their audience, Facebook and Instagram remain key factors in reaching a social audience. With the greater emphasis on direct connections and less on commerce within the platform, many brands will find that a robust PPC strategy will be critical to maintaining a strong relationship and engagement with their users.

News and trends on Facebook and Instagram

  • Facebook has updated their algorithm to emphasize personal relationships
  • Facebook faced a major data scandal that led many to reevaluate their security
  • Instagram has followed Facebook’s push towards transparency
  • You can promote IGTV videos with snippets on Instagram Stories
  • Facebook as released new features, such as the Portal, which allows for video calls

Facebook, Instagram, and the rest of the major social media platforms should be well-planned aspects of the brand’s social strategy, but the rapid changes can confuse site managers. Trust the experienced marketers at Ballantine to help you navigate social media and drive organizational success. Contact us for more information.