15 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads Campaign

The social advertising platform on Facebook offers a unique opportunity: the ability to target viewers based on interests and hobbies that they’ve self-selected.

Unfortunately, though, it’s becoming a high-clutter environment, so it’s not enough to simply upload an ad and forget about it.

In this article, we’ll show you 15 ways you can optimize your Facebook campaign to ensure that you’re the talk of the town. Let’s get started.

  1. Professional vs Casual. Mix up your language. Does professional third-party language work better than casual “you” and “I” language?
  2. Illustration vs Photograph. Have you tried both types of images as your hero shot? Illustrations can often stand out against a field of product photography.
  3. One color vs another color. Use a colored background on your image. Try multiple colors.
  4. High contrast/high brightness vs low contrast/low brightness. Ramp up the brightness and contrast in your images. This can make your image shine bright among a bunch of other contrast-neutral ads.
  5. Border vs no border. Consider a thick black border to bound your image to make your ad stand out. Try a thin red border to contrast with Facebook’s blue UI elements. Try an image with a background that matches the site’s background color so that the ad easily blends into the site.
  6. Regular border vs false border and dropshadow. Another border option you can try to make your ad really pop is to add a false border with a dropshadow. This gives the illusion, especially on sites with a flat design, like Facebook, that your image stands off the page.
  7. Clear image vs blurred image. While a clear image can be a sharp representation of your product, a blurred image makes the eye shoot over to the image in order to make out what’s being blurred. Readers love a puzzle to solve.
  8. Ugly vs sex appeal. Sex sells, but for your audience, maybe the opposite is true, too?
  9. Professional stock photo vs amateur informal photo. Sometimes, your professional stock photo site will be your best friend. Other times, you’ll want to use your smartphone to grab an amateur shot of your product or model. A lot of Facebook users are turned off by stock photos because they don’t match the vibe of the site: friends informally posting pictures.
  10. Straight lines vs curved lines.  Instead of using square cornered elements in your ad, try rounding corners or adding unique curves. These stand out against Facebook’s spartan blue colorblock.
  11. Upright photo vs angled. When you rotate your stock photography by 45 degrees, you make it stand out without looking strange. Give it a shot in both directions.
  12. Mirror image of your original image. Simple — just flip your image horizontally in any image editor. This matters because the motion of the image can lead readers into your ad or away from it.
  13. Headline calls to action. Finally, we’ve reached the section covering changes to copy. It’s all the way at the bottom of the list because, as much as we’d like to believe that our features and benefits drive our sales, the image drives the vast majority of clicks on your image. Nonetheless, try various calls to action.
  14. Positive vs negative attitude. Use your best judgment here, but sometimes the promise of adding a positive is not as strong as the promise of removing a negative. Modify your copy to suit.
  15. Relevant to time period ad is running or generic. Since you can schedule campaigns and change them in real-time on Facebook, there’s nothing to stop you from running an ad that says, “Limited Time: May 1st Only!”
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