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Video – 2 Examples of Custom Folders

We have a new video to share with you — and there’s bloopers at the end!

We don’t just produce traditional direct mail for clients here at Ballantine. Sometimes we get involved with custom formats as was the case recently for 2 folder projects. One was used as a handout and the other was mailed out — and both are great examples of what can be done with a dash of creativity.

Click play below and enjoy!

Video Transcript:

Hey, everyone. This is Ryan Cote and Matt Cote from the Ballantine Corporation, here with another video for our blog. Today’s topic, custom folders.

We have two examples to share of projects that we recently produced for clients. Matt’s going to go into more detail on both.

But just to kind of sum things up, the first one is sort of a two-for-one special. It’s a folder with a catalogue inside, or a brochure.

The second one– this was a sales kit. And it utilizes a custom capacity fold. And Matt’s going to go into more detail about what that is and why it was done.

OK, the first example, the custom folder that we have is for a magazine. It was a media kit to advertisers. And what they wanted to do is sort of explain the different rates, when the issues are being sent out, the reader demographic, et cetera, in the actual brochure.

And then, they wanted an area where the salesperson could actually put custom information. So there is a pocket on the back of the folder. And then the brochure is actually stitched into the folder.

So it also has on the folder in an over aqueous coating with a stripe through varnish. It’s hard to see it on this, because it’s a white background. Usually it works better on darker colors, but you can see it.

And then the other example that we have is a sales kit. It’s actually part of a direct mail campaign. And what makes this unique is, what we did is we sent mock-ups of each of the items in the folder– there was floor plans, a brochure, and some other inserts– we sent paper mock-ups of exactly to spec the items to the folder printer.

And then what he did is he created the capacity fold to spec. He essentially put together this folder and created the capacity to fit everything real snug, so it doesn’t get damaged.

And then the other thing that we did is we shortened the height. And the reason we shortened the height is because it was going into an envelope. And we were afraid that if it was going into an envelope, that the extended height would actually get damaged, folded over, dog eared. It does get a little bit damaged as is in the mail, but it would’ve gotten even more destroyed if we kept it higher.

So those are our two examples of custom folders.

OK, that’s it for today’s video. Thank you for watching.

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that we do not have extra samples of this folder. But if you have any questions whatsoever, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

The good news is that we have plenty of samples of this folder. So if you want to see the brochure stitched into the folder with the pocket at the back and the aqueous coating, just contact us with your address and we will send you out a couple samples.

That’s it. Thanks for watching. Take care.



#1 Ted Grigg on 01.24.13 at 7:05 pm

Who said collateral no longer matters? Nice work and creativity from Ballantine.

#2 ballantine on 01.24.13 at 8:13 pm

Thank you Ted!

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