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New Promotional Item Idea – Custom Twinkies

Update: as you probably know, the company that makes Twinkies went out of business. So unless another company buys the brand, this promotional item will be unavailable.

Custom Twinkies? Yes!

This promotional item might not stick around for as long as a pen, mug or hat would, but it would definitely be a big hit at a tradeshow or company event.

It’s both different and delicious.

The Twinkies are wrapped in clear cellophane and then placed in a white cellophane wrapper that you can customize with a one color imprint. You also have the option of wrapping the Twinkies up in gold or silver foil instead of white cellophane.

The minimum is 250 Twinkies and pricing goes as low as $1.10 per piece plus shipping. If you’re interested in additional pricing, or you want more premium ideas, please contact us.




#1 Judy on 10.10.12 at 1:41 pm

Twinkies last forever!

#2 ballantine on 10.10.12 at 2:02 pm

True! You just have to convince people not to eat them.

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