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Including Trigger Emails in Your Email Marketing Strategies

There are all sorts of reasons to send an email message to your customers or prospects.  You could be alerting them to a new product or service, following up on a purchase, or responding to an inquiry. The chart below summarizes the types of email messages B2B and B2C companies sent in February 2011 based on a percentage of respondents.

Source: Multichannel Merchant

According to the survey, while traditional email messages, such as promotional and transactional, make up the bulk of those sent by companies, “a growing percentage are using trigger emails such as birthday messages or cart abandonment follow-ups, with just more than 20% indicating that this was a practice they’ve done more frequently in the past year.” 

What’s the benefit of sending these types of trigger emails when considering new email marketing strategies?  In the age of analytics, companies have much of this information available, so why not put it to use?  On the other side, companies are realizing that these types of trigger emails show the prospect that you are interested in them.  Everyone loves when someone remembers their birthday, or if you thank them for their continued patronage of your business. As a result, they are more likely to think of you when they need the product or service that you provide.

So what types of email messages can be categorized as “trigger emails”? Bronto Software’s Online Marketing Manager Sally Lowery defines a trigger email as, “a message generated based on a meaningful change or event in a customer behavior or profile.”  Examples can include a welcome message after a prospects opts-in to an offer, order emails, shipment confirmations, request for feedback or a product/service review, birthday emails, cart abandonment notifications, or a promotional email based on products or services the recipient recently showed interest in.

Trigger emails can be easily added to your overall email marketing strategy, and you’ll be adding another degree of personalization to your customer interactions.



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#1 Ted Grigg on 05.16.11 at 10:10 pm

What has become unaffordable in direct mail has become profitable once again with some advertisers using email appropriately.

Birthday mailings, Mother’s Day promotions and anniversary gift ideas along with several other such appropriate triggers should warrant testing in email even though direct mail for such advertising have waned in recent years.

As with any medium, email should be a strong candidate for testing almost any one-to-one selling opportunity.

Unfortunately, the implementation details continue to stump many large companies who insist on wasting their money on mass media that will never return the ROI they want.

Just think what image advertising could do if followed up with the skillful us of traditional and digital media. The room for improvement in multichannel marketing is huge.

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