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How Furniture Today Boosted Direct Mail Response by 500%

We have a direct mail case study to share with you that features our B2B client, Furniture Today. Last year, direct mail wasn’t working for them. And then this year, they tested new creative and lists and boosted response rate by 500%. Want to learn how? Keep reading!

furniture today

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4 Ways To Capture More Leads For Email Marketing

© tashatuvango - Fotolia.comOne of the key strategies for business and marketing success is to keep your customers in the loop or draw them in with exclusive offers via email. To grow your business online, having a list of leads who have agreed to receive emails from you is crucial to your success. However, getting people to agree to let you send them emails is not as easy as you might think; it goes far beyond putting up a sign-up form on your website. To help you get as many email subscribers as you can, here are four proven tips experts in this field highly recommend.

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Boosting Direct Mail Response Using Personalized URLs

© mindscanner - Fotolia.comWe’ve all heard the story: Customers won’t entertain any advertisements that don’t pop up on their smart phones. Direct mail is dead. Publishing is over. Finished. Done.

Fortunately for us all, that story is a fiction.

Customers, on average, are processing literally thousands of advertisements  that come before their eyes every day. Despite the overwhelming amount of ad content to digest, customers still yearn for some kind of better engagement.

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Understanding Direct Mail’s Role in Integrated Marketing Communications

© Feng Yu - Fotolia.comDirect mail plays an important role in your marketing campaign because it acts to supplement your other efforts cheaply and effectively. It’s rarely used on its own as the sole way to market a product or service, since it does serve a niche role which limits the total amount that you can spend on it. Used correctly, direct mail can deliver an ROI that exceeds other forms of promotion, especially expensive types of advertising like broadcast. Like direct mail, this article has the role of quickly filling you in on the details you need to know.

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Pictures from National Sports Forum 2014

We recently got back from the National Sports Forum in Dallas, TX. We thought we were escaping the brutal New Jersey winter, but the 2 days we were there were abnormally cold. But that’s OK – 30 degrees is better than 10 degrees!

This was our 2nd year exhibiting at this conference and overall we felt it went well. Made a lot of great connections, saw some of the same folks from last year, and hopefully this will lead to us doing more work with the sports marketing industry.

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