Understanding Direct Mail’s Role in Integrated Marketing Communications

© Feng Yu - Fotolia.comDirect mail plays an important role in your marketing campaign because it acts to supplement your other efforts cheaply and effectively. It’s rarely used on its own as the sole way to market a product or service, since it does serve a niche role which limits the total amount that you can spend on it. Used correctly, direct mail can deliver an ROI that exceeds other forms of promotion, especially expensive types of advertising like broadcast. Like direct mail, this article has the role of quickly filling you in on the details you need to know.

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Pictures from National Sports Forum 2014

We recently got back from the National Sports Forum in Dallas, TX. We thought we were escaping the brutal New Jersey winter, but the 2 days we were there were abnormally cold. But that’s OK – 30 degrees is better than 10 degrees!

This was our 2nd year exhibiting at this conference and overall we felt it went well. Made a lot of great connections, saw some of the same folks from last year, and hopefully this will lead to us doing more work with the sports marketing industry.

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They Paid $4m for That? Super Bowl Ads In Review

super bowl 2014Ad space in Super Bowl in 2014 ran a whopping $4m for a 30-second spot. Which brands got their money’s worth for their Super Bowl spot, and which brands were offering up a chunk of their marketing budget on a prayer?

While Super Bowl advertising can make sense for brands that need a strong TV presence, one wonders whether or not the $4m would have been better spent on more cost-effective strategies like direct response.

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Our 3 Favorite Print Ads From 2013

Agatha Christie used to say of her novels that her self-imposed structures and rules limited the stories she could tell and forced her to become more creative within that structure. It forced her to tease a character’s essence out in a sentence or two rather than in paragraphs of character development.

The same could be said of print advertising.

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A Guide on Designing for Direct Mail

direct mail designIn a recent study, 50% of consumers reported that they pay more attention to direct mail than email, and online communications are less trustworthy than “snail mail”.

So with this built-in direct mail (DM) trust factor, it seems logical to maximize the quality of the DM we are producing so that we separate ourselves from the “noise” we sometimes find in our mailboxes.

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